Iranian hackers target US presidential candidate

Microsoft revealed Friday that a group of hackers linked to the Iranian government has targeted the campaign of a US presidential candidate. The company did not name the campaign for security reasons.

Other US politicians, US journalists and Iranian expatriates and expatriates residing in the United States have also been the target of these cyber attacks.

The group made more than 2,700 attacks on 241 accounts. Only four of these were successful, and hackers would have used their access to these accounts to reset passwords of people. The victims, who were not part of the political class, were notified.

The group behind the attacks, which Microsoft calls Phosphorus, led the hacking campaign over a 30-day period in August and September.

“It is important for us – governments and the public sector – to be more transparent about attacks by nation states and efforts to disrupt our democratic process=,” Microsoft Vice President of Corporate Security Tom Burt said in a blog post.

According to him, these attacks were not technically sophisticated, but the amount of personal information required to carry them out demonstrated that Phosphorus was willing to invest a lot of time and resources in intelligence gathering .

Iranian pirates have been multiplying attempts to interfere in American politics in recent months. In March, Twitter turned off 7,000 accounts from Iran that were trying to influence the discussion on the social network.

Independent research teams from the US Congress have identified Iran as one of the most likely countries to intervene in the upcoming US election. Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela are also included in this list.

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