Facebook and Twitter refuse to remove Trump’s misleading advertisements

Facebook and Twitter have refused to remove Donald Trump’s misleading ads from Joe Biden’s campaign team.

Facebook had agreed to remove an insulting Donald Trump advertisement for Joe Biden since their advertising policy banned insults.

The former US Vice President, who could become Trump’s rival in the White House race if he wins the Democratic Party nomination, is being attacked by Trump.

The current US President’s campaign team changed the ad, removing the insult, but adding a false allegation about Joe Biden.

Facebook’s arguments

Biden camp has requested the removal of this advertisement. PolitiFact and FactCheck.org, which are part of Facebook’s verification partners, have denied the ad’s claim.

However, Facebook sent a disclaimer to Camp Biden, arguing that its fact-checking policy on ads on the social network does not apply to men and women politicians.

“Our approach is based on Facebook’s fundamental belief in freedom of expression […] and the idea that in free press democracies, political discourse is probably the most scrutinized discourse it is,” wrote Katie Harbath, director of public policies of Facebook.

“Therefore, when a politician speaks and advertises, we do not have the facts examined by independent auditors,” she added.

Twitter also says no

Camp Biden also requested the removal of an advertisement from Trump in a letter sent to Twitter.

“It’s one thing to allow President Trump’s team to spread falsehoods from his own account [Twitter], it’s another to make profit with paid ads that repeat the same lies,” said the letter.

However, the social network felt that this advertisement did not violate its rules.

“The advertising you’re talking about is not a violation of our policies at the moment,” a spokesperson from Twitter explained.

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