Moz launches a free SEO tool to analyze a domain

Moz is launching a new free tool, accessible here: . You only have to enter a domain name to analyze the website, whether it belongs to you or not.

You then get information on: the authority of the domain, the referent domains, the keywords on which the site is referenced, the strongest pages, the number of links discovered or recently lost, the top keywords, the top featured snippets, the main competitors … You get data on about fifteen indicators.

Clearly, this is not a SEO pro tool: SEOs will prefer their usual services to analyze the performance of a website. The free tool created by Moz may however be used from time to time by people who are interested in SEO and want to briefly check some data on their website. They will also be able to analyze the results of a competitor easily.

We particularly like the analysis of the featured snippets, which makes it possible to discover on which requests a site is placed in zero position. With the analysis of keywords, you quickly visualize on which themes a website is positioned. You can also access the list of the most asked questions in the People Also Ask box, on relevant keywords. Some data seem however incorrect: it may be due to the language of the sites analyzed (or the experimental nature of some tables).

Users of Moz’s free tool are limited to 3 scans per day. This is, overall, an overview of the features of the paid suite Moz; the publisher does not forget to encourage users to test its pro version. Again, this tool will not replace the professional SEO analysis services, but it could still serve you. To test here, without registration: .

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