Lady Gaga asks what Fortnite is and the Internet responded

One would think that one must live under a rock not to know the game Fortnite , which has more than 200 million followers, more than a year after its release. This is the case of pop star Lady Gaga, who asked Twitter what was “fortnight” on Tuesday. Internet users did not hesitate to answer his question with a touch of humor (and sometimes irony).

Several personalities from the world of electronic sports, including the most popular video game publisher in the world, Ninja, had their say. The latter invited the singer to play with him by referring to some of her songs.

Netizens then launched arrows at Ninja, recalling that he mentioned last year not playing with women to avoid rumors of relationship that would hurt his marriage.

World champion Super Smash Bros. Hungrybox, for its part, simply said that Gaga’s tweet was the best of the year.

Lady Gaga misspelled the name of the game in her tweet, writing “fortnight’ rather than “Fortnite.” In English, it means a period of two weeks. Web user Lee Dawson replied that fortnight was the duration of his longest relationship.

One thing is certain, Lady Gaga t now have a little idea of ​​what Fortnite is.

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