Hospitals victim of ransomware attacks forced to refuse patients

Three hospitals in the state of Alabama have closed their doors to “everyone except new patients in critical condition” since Wednesday because of a ransomware attack.

Patients who are already hospitalized continue to receive treatment, but most people who come to these health facilities are denied entry.

“A criminal limits our ability to use our computer systems in return for a ransom the amount of which is unknown. Our hospitals have put in place emergency procedures to ensure safe and effective treatment if our computer-dependent technology remains unavailable,” the DCH Health System Group said in a statement.

The hospital network is stingy with details about the origin and extent of the damage from this attack. He assured, however, that he was evaluating all options to restore the computer system.

Growing phenomenon

This disruption comes just days after seven Australian hospitals were also targeted by ransomware attacks. The latter had to cancel several appointments and surgical operations because their computer system was paralyzed.

A report published Tuesday by the cybersecurity firm Emsisoft also indicates that ransomware attacks are more and more frequent and that the health system is a preferred target for hackers.

“Cyber ​​criminals understand that health professionals will be more likely to pay the ransom because not paying for it could waste data and put lives at risk,” the document says.

Emsisoft has counted no less than 491 cyberattacks on health facilities in the first 9 months of the year.

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