Facebook News launches in the US

Facebook continues to make improvements to its platform to offer users higher quality content and eliminate inaccurate or unreliable information. The company said it will pay several US publishers for displaying their informational content in a new section called ‘News’.

In this section, users can see the headlines of media such as Wall Street Journal , BuzzFeed News , Business Insider, The Washington Post , NBC, USA Today and Los Angeles Times, among others. Each time the user clicks on any of these headlines, the platform will take him to the website or application where said publication is hosted.

This may be a new way for digital media to increase web traffic and its audience, although Facebook has not given an estimated amount of the payment it will make. All that is known is that it will prioritize original and relevant content.

For a few months, Facebook was studying the possibility of paying the media to publish their news, since it only paid them up to millions of dollars to use Facebook Live exclusively to broadcast news in real time.

In fact, in 2018 Facebook withdrew its plan to cure news with the help of human editors to present them on the platform as trends. After several conservatives claimed that there were political inclinations in the information, the company dismissed them and began to automate the news, although the news section that it had already implemented disappeared.

For now, the social network will show the local news of the most important cities in the United States, and there is the possibility of including later headlines of smaller towns.

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