Google wants to warn you when a site is too slow to display

Google announced Monday that it was working on a system able to show slow to people using its Chrome browser.

The California based company is studying the possibility of alerting people through a message or a color change in the bar indicating the progress of downloading a page on Chrome.

Used by 64% of Internet users, this browser currently dominates the market.

The system, which aims to improve the browsing experience on the Internet, will take into account the device and the type of connection used.

An idea that is not unanimous

This Google project has raised criticism within the developer community.

Some people think that this system could be stigmatizing for the targeted sites and point the responsibility of browsers in the speed of posting sites.

“Speed ​​depends on how the browser analyzes websites. A site can be displayed quickly on Firefox and more slowly on Chrome,” said a developer on the Hacker News site.

Google has not provided any details as to the date of implementation of its slow site detector.

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