Facebook launches a meme application

Late last week, Facebook’s experimental development team, NPE Team, quietly launched a mobile application for creating memes, called Whale. This allows you to edit photos and share them directly on Instagram, Facebook or Messenger.

Whale is currently only available on the App Store (for iOS). It is currently in test phase, and it is not known if it will appear on the Play Store (for Android) or will be launched in other countries.

Its interface is very simple. You can first choose between editing a photo saved on your phone or one of the 90 photos taken from image banks included in the application.

It is then possible to add text of different fonts and colors, drawings, emojis, filters and effects or even superimpose other images.

We can also have different kinds of grids, which allows to create memes a little more complex.

Once our masterpiece is complete, we can share it directly on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger by linking our account.

Although limited, the application was simple to use and very intuitive in our brief tests. It could be a handy tool for creating simple memes, but will certainly not replace software like Photoshop for artisans and artisans of the meme.

A tool for young people

Whale seems to be the latest attempt by Facebook to woo Generation Z, which is turning more and more to platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

The company said in July that the applications developed by NPE Team were designed to experiment with new ideas that could be quickly abandoned if they did not work.

Whale is the third NPE Team app since it was created a few months ago. Its two previous applications, Aux and Bump, were also aimed at a young audience.

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