100 developers had access to information from Facebook group members

A hundred or so application developers had unauthorized access to unspecified names, profile pictures, and other unspecified data from Facebook group members until recently, when the social network banned them from access to the Cambridge Analytica scandal from 2018.

Cambridge Analytica confessed its fault in a blog post published Monday. The situation is now resolved, but Facebook explains that at least 11 developers have viewed this data in the last 60 days.

The apps in question are used by Facebook group managers to manage their communities, says Social Network Partnerships Manager Konstantinos Papamiltiadis in the blog post.

“While we have found no evidence of misuse, we are asking [the developers] to remove any member data they have retained and we will be conducting reviews to make sure everything has been removed.” Facebook said in a statement.

The names of the developers and groups involved were not disclosed. We do not know how much this error has affected members.

Facebook has recently expressed a desire to give more importance to the privacy of its members and to be more transparent about its missteps. The company should also announce Wednesday new encryption measures messages on its Messenger platform.

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