This malware empties ATMs of all their money

A survey of the Motherboard website uncovers jackpotting, an increasingly common phenomenon of infecting ATMs with malware to spit out all their money.

There are several varieties of malware for ATMs, like Cutlet Maker and WinPot, and the operation of each is pretty much the same: it’s just a matter of loading it onto a flash drive and plugging it into the USB port of the machine we want to empty. The malicious code then forces it to distribute the money.

The software is sold on hidden web cryptomarket ( dark web ) for about $ 1000. A vendor contacted by Motherboard provided the website with screenshots of a user manual that explained how to use the software step-by-step. It would be possible to know how much money a machine contains before hacking it.

A growing phenomenon
This form of piracy was first revealed by the firm specializing in the security of Kapersky information systems at the beginning of the year, but the Motherboard survey gives a better idea of ​​the extent of the phenomenon.

According to Bernd Redecker, director of fraud management at Diebold Nixdorf, an ATM distributor, machines of all kinds can be targeted by this type of attack.

We see it in all the suppliers. It does not affect a specific machine, specific brand or specific region , he told Motherboard .

This is because most ATMs work on systems that are essentially old Windows computers. This leaves them particularly vulnerable to attack.

Manufacturers of these machines are trying to block the spread of the phenomenon by putting in place new security mechanisms.

This seems to work in Europe, where these attacks became popular before entering the world. According to the European Association for Security Transactions, they have decreased by 43% in the last year on the continent, although they seem to be gaining importance elsewhere in the world.

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