China develops its own computer operating system

When the Chinese government announced this week that any computer or software manufactured outside the country should disappear from public institutions within the next three years, many wondered what would be their alternative. A few days later, we learn that his plan is to develop his own operating system.

Two of the largest Chinese software developers, China Standard Software (CS2C) and Tianjin Kylin Information (TKC), announced Thursday that they will join forces to develop a “sovereign”, or 100% Chinese, operating system.

These two companies are known for their close ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The new operating system, which still doesn’t have an official name, will be based on Kylin, TKC’s operating system.

Technological warfare

Tensions between China and the United States may well shape the future of technology as companies from both countries try to occupy as much space as possible in the technology market.

The Chinese government developed the Made in China 2025 strategic program in 2015, which aims to make the country the world leader in technology, notably through investments in the robotics, artificial intelligence and sustainable energy.

The country also aims to become “technologically independent” and no longer have to rely on foreign technology. This ban on American public sector technology is one of the first serious steps in this direction.

The United States is the world leader in technological research, in addition to being the global technology hub thanks to the giants of Silicon Valley.

The Trump administration banned Huawei from selling network equipment to the United States in 2019, as well as banning American groups from doing business with the Chinese giant. Result: Huawei phones can no longer be equipped with the Android operating system, manufactured by Google.

The Chinese company is accused of industrial espionage in the United States and of having done business with Iran despite American economic sanctions. She is also involved in two lawsuits against the United States federal government to overturn some of the sanctions against her.

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